Can The Lincoln Motor Company be saved?


This may be an odd question, as Ford is now re-introducing “The Lincoln Motor Company” as they try to save a struggling Lincoln brand. What was once an elite luxury brand has been languishing for years along with Cadillac as the German and Japanese automakers have dominated the luxury car market.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ represents the rebirth of the Lincoln brand with bold new styling and a new marketing campaign. You can see one of the new commercials below and judge for yourself. Lincoln’s past is recognized, but there is a clear attempt to look forward, which is consistent with the “Go Further” theme at Ford as well.

I like the new design, and there are some distinctive elements like the huge moonroof that will definitely draw attention. But one vehicle is not going to save this brand. Many new models will be released, and they have to deal with current hideous designs like the horrible MKT.

Let’s see if they can deliver.


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