Top Shelf Gadget Gifts

For many, the mass gift buying that accompanies the holidays can be a stressful experience, especially if you are buying gifts for men. While this is due mostly to the pressure of trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list, for many it is the additional burden of keeping your finances in check while gift shopping that really brings so much dismay.

Imagine though if money were no object when getting your shopping done. Imagine if you could buy the perfect item for everyone regardless of the cost. Think of the kinds of things you could give were that the case.

I’ve been doing just that recently and have come up with a list of gadgets and tech items that may not fit any budget, but would put a look on the face of anyone who receives them that can only be described as priceless.


Canon EOS-1D X

Like just about everything else on this list, there are plenty of practical alternatives to the EOS-1D X that are, in their own right, pretty incredible.

That being said there is a good reason the EOS-1D X is used by professional photographers in all walks of life. While its image quality is second to none, the real draw of the 1D X is the daunting features list. The abilities of this model best cater to those with a creative eye for a shot, as they allow you to essentially take any specific picture you can imagine in your head. So while you can take amazing photos while barely touching the options menu, exploring the capabilities of the 1D X opens up a whole new world of photographic potential.

The 1D X may be overkill for the average man, but if you’ve ever looked at professional sports photos or similar grabs and wondered just how people manage to get them to look so good, this camera is the short answer.


Bowers and Wilkins 800 Diamond Series

As our lives get more and more mobile, technology gets more and more mobile to adjust. This is especially true as it pertains to listening to music, as many of us only do so through our phone and a pair of headphones. The sad part about that is, even though the quality of those devices have improved dramatically over the years, many of us are becoming accustomed to the drop in audio quality that listening method offers.

Bowers and Wilkins is a company dedicated to making no compromises in audio quality, and have long been the choice for studios everywhere. Of their consumer models, the highlight would have to be the 800 Diamond Series. Their beauty is immediately clear with just a look at their master craftsmanship, but it’s with a listen that their true worth is revealed. Many in the industry argue that there is no more pure home listening experience than the one you get with the Diamond, while some go even further by saying their quality surpasses even that of a live experience.

Their $24,000 price tag is worthy of a spit take but, whether or not it is justifiable for a pair of speakers to cost so much, the fact that they even legitimize the question should tell you all you need to know about these beauties.


The Large Pixel Collider

I’ll level with you. There are a lot of perfectly good and insanely expensive pre-built gaming desktops available. If that’s your bag, and you’ve got $5,000-$7,000 extra to spend on them, go with Alienware or Falcon Northwest for a guaranteed reliable and world beating rig.
However for those looking for the absolute best, you’ll have to build your own machine. If that is your bag, then the bar has been set by PC Gamer’s recently unveiled “Super Pixel Collider.” Featuring four $1,000 Nvidia Titan graphic cards, 64 GB of RAM (about 56 GB more than the average person could possibly need), and 4 TB worth of storage, this beast of technological design is capable of resolutions that no display can possibly achieve among other futuristic benchmarks.

The recipe for this monstrosity is mostly laid out on the PC Gamer website, and you should expect to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 to build one for yourself.


Emperor 200 Computer Station

Desks, huh? Yeah desks are cool…I guess. However, they’re a pretty pedestrian item to build your workstation around when you really think about it, considering that they’re available to the everyman. Sure you can buy a better desk but, at the end of the day, it’s still just a desk.

Now if you really want a workstation that will cause jaws to drop and eyes to pop, you’ll be wanting the emperor 200. These custom built rigs can support up to three 27 inch monitors, and feature luxuries such as built in light therapy, an electric powered leather seat, and a touch screen control panel to operate the entire thing.

Honestly though the reason you’re buying this is for the looks and the statement those looks make. A statement that goes: “I’ve been on the USS Enterprise, and I brought something back with me.” That’s a statement well worth worth the $49,000 price tag.


Obscura Interactive Pool Table

The exact material symbols of wealth and prosperity may change over the years, but some do remain timeless. Among them are the pool table. If you have a pool table in your home it alerts people to important social facts that you’ve got a little extra money to throw around, and you like to have some fun.

Of course, even a classic luxury item like the pool table isn’t immune to some technological innovation. The interactive pool table from Obscura is a perfect example of that. Used in several major Vegas hotels, the Obscura features a digital top capable of several programmable effects. These range from creating a variety of trails to follow the ball movements, to putting a picture underneath the board that slowly unveils as the game goes on.

The Obscura is visual eye candy at its finest and immediately establishes your rec room as the one to beat. That’s a good thing because, while pricing varies, you’re going to be dropping about $80,000 on one of these.


Numi Toilet

With the Numi from Kohler, you get a motion sensing toilet seat, a bidet smarter than the average public school graduate, a heated set, deodorizer and air dryer, built in music player, and a host of other tech luxuries that could make a SkyMall catalog blush.

This is the alpha and omega of toilets, and is quite frankly a steal at $5,000.


NAO Robot

The NAO is an educational robot designed to teach all manners of complex mathematical, science, and engineering lessons to students in a way that is much more interactive and enjoyable than the standard lessons on those subjects. It accomplishes this through an intricate series of processors, microphones, and sensors.

Inexplicably though, it’s also been designed to use those same technologies to dance like an absolute boss. Kenny Powers discovered this on “Eastbound and Down” when he purchased one with his recently acquired fortune, and proceeded to dance his cares away with a robot that encapsulates the same party and business qualities as Mr. Power’s fine mullet.

Is it justifiable to buy an incredibly sophisticated $15,000 robot just to have a dancing partner? You’re damn right it is, and quite frankly you should be ashamed for asking.


Grado PS1000

There exists a tier of headphones beyond any you know. They’re the kind you can’t pick up at Best Buy with the mere Bose and Beats models and they possess a sound quality so rich and pure that listening to one is the equivalent to hearing The Beatles for the first time.

The Grado PS1000 may be the greatest example of that higher plane of headphones. Designed for maximum comfort, the best way to picture what it’s like to use one of these beauties is to imagine that wearing them produces a bubble around the user that has the sound equivalent of an opera hall.

It’s not often you can state that a pair of headphones cost $1600 and keep a straight face, but the sheer quality of the Grado is no joke.