A gentlemen’s guide to a day at the races


It’s always difficult doing something for the first time, how to act, what to do, how to dress. Well, a day at the races is no different.

A day out at the races is always a wonderful chance to earn some money and look good while doing it, but if you’ve never been before it can be a daunting experience. So, firsts things first, you should plan ahead; you want to head to the shops early, weather that’s the high street or the virtual market, make sure you find your attire within time. You don’t want to have a week until the races and still not have the perfect suit ready.

If you struggle to find the perfect fitting suit, don’t worry there’s plenty of sources to help you. Now of course, a day at the races isn’t just any other day which means you can’t just wear any suit, so what do you wear? Naturally, you want to look at your very best best. The races are packed with expensive horses owned by very rich men and women that are all going to look the part, so you need to make sure you do too.

However, wearing the best suit isn’t all it takes to look the part at the races. You need to know what you’re doing – or at least with a little luck – you want to appear that way. You need to plan ahead for the horses that are racing, you need to know which ones looks good, which to avoid and who has the best new offers for those horses.

You don’t want to turn up on the day, look the part and then lose all your money because you didn’t do your research. There’s a number of different factors that could affect the result of a race but the main one is the horse. Has the horse been in good form? Has he won at this racecourse before? And of course; is he dressing for occasion? Meaning – is he wearing a hood or blinkers for the first time? What the horse wears can affect his performance especially if it’s for the first time.

These factors are just the tip of the iceberg, which is why you need to do your research! Or, as is common, you could just go with the one who has the best sounding name, or the jockey in your girlfriend’s favourite colours. But once you’ve got your bets on you need to figure out where to watch the race from.

All racecourses have tracks but only some have stands, the stand is going to have a lot of people in who are very invested in the race, as well as bars and food stands! If there’s someone next to you watching the race with binoculars and they’re gripping the receipt from their bet, you can probably guess they have a lot of money on the race.

Now, it’s probable that person has the same horse as you, but on the chance they don’t you should act with compassion and class. If your horse wins, then brilliant! But don’t show off, there’s probably a few people around you that just lost so take your winnings quietly and appear humble in victory.
So, the plan is to think ahead, find your attire within good time, get your horse knowledge up to scratch, get your bets on and head to the stand to see your horses win, good luck!


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