Rolls-Royce introduces the Cullinan as its first SUV


You know the SUV craze has reached its zenith when Rolls-Royce, the ultimate luxury brand, joins the party. Rolls-Royce has introduced the Cullinan to satisfy customers who have been pleading for an SUV from this iconic brand.

The Cullinan lives up to the standards set by the brand, having all of the over-the-top luxury features you would expect from Rolls-Royce. Luxury features include meter-long door-mounted umbrellas and a hidden Champagne chiller.

But the Cullinan is also built to be a real off-road vehicle as well so you can basically drive it anywhere that’s appropriate for an SUV. In additional to four-wheel drive, features include a ground clearance of 10 inches and automatic hill-descent control features that don’t require any gas or breaking. The vehicle weighs more that 6,000 pounds and looks like a beast of a vehicle while featuring the classic front end and design notes you would expect from Rolls-Royce.

Despite the off-road features, the Cullinan will likely be the quietest SUV you’ve ever experienced, even with the V-12 563-horsepower engine. Other features include rear-hinged suicide rear doors.

Rolls-Royce will make fewer than 800 Cullinans per year, and it’s priced at roughly $325,000. I suspect these vehicles will sell out quickly in the targeted niche market.


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