Patagonia 50340_BLB_OM1

Patagonia’s Reclaimed Wool Jacket

The stories behind the clothing at Patagonia are often more interesting than their products. With this item you get a jacket made partially from discarded wool sweaters that were shredded and then mixed with polyester and nylon before being knit anew. The checkered pattern gives you a bomber-style Read more…

Burberry The Britain Watch

The Britain by Burberry

The design of The Britain watch from Burberry caught my attention right away with the alligator strap in trench color inspired by the classic Burberry trench coat. The design is all British but it’s backed up by Swiss craftsmanship for a rugged but elegant look. The watch features Read more…

Tiffany Gallery Watch

Tiffany Gallery Watch

The stunning Art Deco design of these Tiffany Gallery watches will grab your attention even when looking over the impressive Tiffany & Co. collection of watches you’ll find on their website. The stylized numbers on the face of these rectangular watches will attract attention with their bold design Read more…

Gatsy Collection Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers channels The Great Gatsby

Do want the elegant and luxurious look of “The Great Gatsby“? Brooks Brothers bakes it all possible with their new collection inspired by the film. The collection offers a wide variety of choices with a modern adaptation of the classic looks from the 1920s. It also includes of Read more…


Hermes Parallèle cufflinks

With the holidays around the corner, you can stand out with the beautiful simplicity of these Hermes Parallèle cufflinks. These shiny silver cufflinks also make for a great gift. Read more…


Leather Lace Up Boots from Antonio Maurizi

Here are some great boots for any occasion from Antonio Maurizi. The boots are perfect for fall and winter. Read more…