5 Top Luxury Cigars


With the “Season of Giving” right around the corner, some may be faced with the age old question of “What do you give the man who already has everything?” The answer for most of these men may simply be fine cigars! This certainly holds true for the occasional, up to the seasoned cigar smoker, but it could also work for the non-smoking cigar gentleman who has business clients or close friends who like to smoke.

Cigars, like many other luxury items, can be very expensive. The top 5 cigars mentioned here are some of the priciest cigars on the market today:

Gurkha Black Dragon

The most expensive cigar in today’s market would likely be the Gurkha Black Dragon. Gurkha cigars are well respected in the industry and are typically considered a boutique / small batch brand, with some of the brands being being very affordable at less than $10 per stick. However, if you are going with the Black Dragon, prepare to spend upwards of over $1,100 for a single stick!


Another, more affordable option, but still having the prestige of a best in the world type of brand, you may want to consider a Cohiba. The brand, initially made famous by being one of Fidel Castro’s favorite in Cuba, is available outside of Cuba. Their most expensive line is the Cohiba Behike, which can run over $400 per cigar. However, a Cohiba Esplendido can be had for just over $30 per stick!

Opus X

Finally, one of the most recognizable brands in the luxury cigar market today is the Opus X line. These cigars, made by one of the most respected names in cigars, Arturo Fuente, are available in different sizes and can be bought in the $35 to $80 price range!

Padron 1926

Arguably, the best cigar for the money may be the Padron 1926 line, which can be purchased in the $20 – 30 range. The name is not quite as famous as others mentioned here, but it is worthy of its top 5 ranking.

Monte Cristo #2

Finally, one of the great classics – a Monte Cristo #2 in the $20 range rounds out the list. Recall, this is the cigar Al Pacino wants to experience one more time in life in the movie “Scent of a Woman.”

You really cannot go wrong with any of these cigar brands in terms of the brand recognition they carry in the high end, luxury cigar market! They would be considered a thoughtful gift for the discerning cigar afficionado and a treat by even the occasional cigar smoker.


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