Big sales for the iPhone 6


Anyone still want to doubt Apple? The iPhone 6 is a huge hit with monster sales, so it turns out bigger is better in the eyes of many. I was skeptical and frankly didn’t want a bigger phone, but it was time to upgrade from my 4S and the new 6 seemed like the logical next step. For me it’s a much better option than the iPhone 6 Plus which is way too big for my taste. Even the regular 6 is a little bigger than I’d like, particularly when I’m putting it in my pocket.

But when I’m using the apps there’s no comparison. I love the bigger screen. I also didn’t think making the phone thinner would matter much, but now the phone feels very comfortable with Apple’s standard leather case on it. Overall, I’m very happy with the phone.

Others are as well, unless of course you’re an executive at Samsung, whose sales plummeted last quarter for the Galaxy S5 as consumers waited for the new iPhones. As a result we have such strong iPhone sales that analysts are predicting a more robust holiday shopping season, though it’s hard to understand the correlation.

In any event, if you’re considering an upgrade or a new phone, a trip to the Apple store may be a good idea. The lines have died down so I was in and out of the store in about 30 minutes.


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