George Clooney’s haul in sale of Casamigos Tequila


It’s good to be George Clooney.

The guy seems to have it all, along with a new set of twins with his beautiful wife.

Now word is out that Casamigos Tequila just sold for around $1 billion to Diageo, and Clooney’s take is estimated to be in the neighborhood of up to $233 billion!


Clooney has always been a shrewd guy. That holds true with respect to his career and his personal life. And with a house on Lake Como in Northern Italy he’s been doing fine for a long time.

But he’s obviously a shrewd investor as well.

Casamigos Tequila is a smooth, sipping tequila that has won numerous awards, and if you browse the website you’ll see that Clooney and his team have been savvy about using his Hollywood connections to help market the brand.

And it’s paid off handsomely . . .


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