Easy Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Kids!


There are going to be times in your life where your children really surprise you. Whether it’s a good deed that they did for the community, a great report card that they worked hard to achieve or even just helping out around the home because they want to contribute. When these moments happen, giving them a small gift or treat is not only a great reward for their work but also a great way to reinforce good behavior.

When these moments come along, this article has some ideas that can help!

App Store Credit

In case you haven’t noticed, your child love to play on their mobile device or even on yours. While most of the games they play and apps they use are free, there are quite a few that will happily (and easily) accept payment within the app. This practice leaves parents vulnerable to high credit card bills.

Instead, purchase a prepaid debit card and load it up with a small amount of money as a reward for your child. However, instead of giving them the card, link it to an app store account for them to use on their mobile device. Not only is this a gift that they will love but it can also help to teach them the value of money. As they continue to perform good work you can top it up slightly.


We know what you’re thinking, that children hate to receive clothes as gifts. However, the truth is that they just aren’t a fan of the clothes that they receive from their family members. Instead of buying them clothes as a reward and surprising them with a present they don’t like, sit down and browse through the Groupon Coupons page for Children’s Place to find them some outfits that they will actually enjoy wearing.

Movie Tickets

Kids love going to the movies! However, with the current prices, not all of their friends can afford to go. With this in mind, buy your deserved little one a book of movie tickets that they can use at their discretion. This way, if their best friend can’t afford a ticket, they can treat them! This is a great way for your youngster to learn about sharing and helping others less fortunate than themselves.

Educational Video Games

Despite what your child will tell you, there definitely are educational video games available that children enjoy playing. While they might not be as stimulating as the regular video games you see kids playing today, they offer many great challenges for students and are a great mixture of learning and fun.

Video Games

Of course, if you are happy for your student to play regular video games then this is sure to be a winner of a present. You don’t need to know much about their game preferences; just learn what console they have, head to the local game store, and ask for the hottest game currently available. Trust us, it’ll be a sure win!

It’s important to reward your children for good work that they do, however, it’s equally important to strike a balance so that you don’t over do it. These ideas are great ways to provide a reward without going overboard.


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