The Best Ways of Making Some Extra Money


Catching a glimpse of your bank balance or statement fills most people with dread and with the majority of bills rising and living costs spiralling out of control, this can be the cause of endless sleepless nights. Being in the red isn’t much fun and it can be a chastening experience but thanks to advances in technology, there are now more ways than ever before of making some extra cash on the side.

Complete Online Surveys

This method is extremely popular with students as it is straightforward and won’t command much of your time. Companies always want feedback and often reward customers who are diligent enough to offer them information and a review of their experiences. Most websites pay around $5 per survey whilst many others deal in incentives such as 50% off your next purchase or a free pizza on your next visit. Market research is a lucrative business and most global conglomerates are desperate for the input of their users. Websites such as Swagbucks, MySurvey and OnePoll are all completely free and offer a variety of rewards including cash payments.

Responsible Online Gambling

This isn’t necessarily a definitive, guaranteed way of making money, but signing up to online bookmakers websites will automatically trigger a free bonus. Most betting sites will not allow you to withdraw this amount straight away, but it does offer players the chance to wager with house money and it could potentially result in long-term profit. You don’t have to be a sports fanatic in order to benefit from the experience as there are now a number of sites which offer help and advice on a variety of competitions. These range from tips at Timeform, where the Jury Daily can boast nine successive years of profit through to social media tipping accounts offering thoughts and opinions on the latest NBA, NFL and ATP tennis events.

Entering Free Online Competitions

Similar to online gambling, there are no guarantees of profit by entering free competitions but it won’t cost anything and shouldn’t be overly time-consuming. ‘Compers’ enter numerous online draws throughout the week and have been known to regularly scoop big prizes. Our advice is to begin by entering smaller competitions with a lower grade of prize. Even if you win an unwanted pair of brogues or a bedside lamp, it is possible to make money from selling these brand new items online and any wins, however small, will boost your confidence and undoubtedly encourage further entries in the future.

Recycle Your Old Technology

We’ve all got old mobile phones, laptops and games consoles sat around, gathering dust under the bed or tucked away somewhere out of sight. There are a number of sites which pay for old devices, however old and battered. Not only will this boost your bank balance, it will also help the environment in the process. Payouts will vary and even if you only receive $30 for an old mobile phone, it wasn’t earning anything when sat at the back of the cupboard.

Mystery Shopping

Everybody loves going shopping! Why not get paid for it? Some mystery shoppers can earn up to thousands each year and the same process applies wherever you are in the world. It is flexible and a number of high-profile businesses are involved with the scheme. Not only will you get paid for being a consumer, most shoppers will be allowed to keep their purchases too. Whether you’re buying some bubble bath, a pair of jeans or enjoying a pub meal, it’s always better when it doesn’t cost a dollar! Shoppers must complete a short survey about their experience and add further details about the customer service, cleanliness and the efficiency of the service offered. It is getting increasingly competitive but there are a number of sites which offer free sign-ups to all new users.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you have a spare few hours, this is an ideal way to make some extra money. In this increasingly busy world, many people require help booking flights, hotels or simply answering email enquiries. It is ideal for home dwellers and requires decent communication skills and being tech-savvy enough to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. There are a number of sites including People Per Hour and Upwork which advertise these services.

If you have plenty of spare time, these are just some of the more effective ways of boosting the coffers. The internet affords plenty of opportunities to increase bank balances during hard times and some of these will hopefully help you move out of the red and back into the black.


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