Car Rental Insurance? What You Need To Know


Renting a car is something that most people will need to do at some point, whether they are going on holiday or maybe travelling to a wedding. It is important that some insurance is taken out by the people who are going to be using the car.

Read this helpful guide which contains important information about car hire insurance.

Covers Against Accidents

Accidents involving rental cars are unfortunate, but they are something that needs to be dealt with. The insurance will cover people in the event of them having an accident. The insurance will be invalidated if people were found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the crash took place, so remember to always be responsible when getting behind the wheel of the car.

People should not attempt to fix the car themselves after an accident. This is because the car rental company will want to do it themselves to ensure it is done properly. Fixing the car independently could invalidate the insurance claim.

Always give as much information as possible about the accident to the insurance company. Also, it is unwise to not tell the truth. Choose car rental from Perth’s Ace Rent a Car that is reliable and cost-effective.

Covers Against Theft

Keeping possessions safe in a car is a top priority for anyone who is travelling. The car should be inspected beforehand to make sure that all the locks are working properly and that there are no vulnerable areas. Thieves will find it harder to break into the car if everything is in good condition. Possessions should also be kept out of sight if possible. The car insurance will cover people for the value of the goods that were stolen, so this will save people the trouble of having to spend lots of their money on replacements.

Covers Against Natural Disasters

When people are driving, they sometimes are caught up in bad weather. Storms, floods and earthquakes can all potentially cause serious damage to a car if it happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Read the small print of the insurance to make sure that the car is covered in the event of a natural disaster because some companies refuse to cover “Acts Of God” in their policies.

Always check what the weather is going to be like before starting a car journey. This will allow people to avoid areas which are prone to problematic weather.

Covers Against Minor Damage

Car insurance will cover people if the car accrues some minor damage, such as a scratch on the door or a broken wing mirror. These types of accidents can be incredibly frustrating for people who are not covered by any car insurance. The cost of repairing this damage could be more than the driver thinks, so they might get a shock. Always give as much detail about the damaged car to the insurance company.

Use this guide for learning more about the basics of car insurance.


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