New Lincoln Navigator is a hit


Take one look at the all-new Lincoln Navigator, and you’ll understand fairly quickly why Lincoln has a hit on its hands. You’ll also understand why the designers at Lincoln decided to transition to a more traditional design for the front grille.

Lincoln can’t keep up with the demand for the Navigator, and that’s a huge boost for this brand as the luxury, full-size SUVs generate huge margins. Getting this one right was critical for Lincoln.

Of course the new Navigator has all the modern luxuries you would expect from a luxury vehicle, and the interior is amazing. But the designers had to get the look right, and for a large SUV, Lincoln’s new, but much more traditional, front grille helped give this truck a look that fit our expectations. That new front grille also looks great on the new Continental and MKZ, but here with the Navigator it was sorely needed.

This should be a signature vehicle again for Lincoln for years to come . . .


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