What to Watch: “Mare of Easttown” on HBO


Kate Winslet Mare Of Easttown HBO

As you can see from the photo above, this isn’t a glamourous role for Kate Winslet. As she made clear in her interview with Maureen Dowd in the New York Times, Winslet was adamant about portraying the lead character is a real woman with all her flaws, including physical flaws. No airbrushing was allowed.

Winslet leads a stellar cast as she plays detective Mare Sheehan as she tries to solve cases involving the disappearance and murder of several young women while dealing with her own crippling personal struggles. From the Pennsylvania accent to the rough demeanor, Winslet brings to life a character that we’ll be talking about for years.

The story in the seven-part series recently completed on HBO grabs you in the first episode and doesn’t let go. The fictional town is filled with dysfunctional characters, many like Mare struggling with family issues. The central theme revolves around the parent/child relationship, often with heartbreaking results.

If you love great television, this is one of those series you have to watch, and that you can’t resist binging. Enjoy!


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