“Succession” kicks off fourth and final season on HBO


Brian Cox on Succession season 4 episode 1

Watching the first episode of Season 4, I’m thrilled that “Succession” is back, but I’m also pleased that the creators decided to end the series after this season. Too many shows hang around too long (yes, I’m referring to “Billions”). As we gear up for another season of epic battles among the various Roy family members, we know the ride this season will be fun, but there’s only so many ways we can tell this story. There has to be a resolution, or this show will become a caricature of itself (again, see “Billions”).

In the first episode, we have three of the Roy kids Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) teaming up against Logan (Brian Cox), while Connor (Alan Ruck) continues to play the fool. The interplay among Kendall, Shiv and Roman is hilarious, and we can probably bet this alliance won’t last very long.

Will they be able to finally take on and beat their dad? Or will Logan divide on conquer . . . again? Tune in and enjoy the final ride.

Succession Sarah Snook Kieran Culkin Jeremy Strong


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